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We are making progress...

I realized this afternoon that we haven't made a post in some time, so here we go!

We haven't made much progress the last couple of months because of some map-related problems. But of course this has not been prohibiting our imagination working on the mechanics of the gameplay and designing the works!
Today we finnaly cracked the god damned problem we've been having with the new implementation of the servers way of shifting the visible map-window for the client which has been giving us trouble for the last month or so. We've been working on minimizing and optimizing network performance of the server before we start tinkering with multi-threading.

So to sum it up. We've gotten a firm ground for the game, we got the server-client interface working 100%, the map is loaded onto the server from a mysql-server and collission-detection is working properly independent from the images and tile-types.

So what are we going to do now?
We are now going to start adding to the gameplay of the game and start building the game we always wanted to play. We will be comming out with more info as we compile the information on the gameplay and graphics soon!

By: Linuxxon - Date: 2013-01-29