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We are making progress...

I realized this afternoon that we haven't made a post in some time, so here we go!

We haven't made much progress the last couple of months because of some map-related problems. But of course this has not been prohibiting our imagination working on the mechanics of the gameplay and designing the works!
Today we finnaly cracked the god damned problem we've been having with the new implementation of the servers way of shifting the visible map-window for the client which has been giving us trouble for the last month or so. We've been working on minimizing and optimizing network performance of the server before we start tinkering with multi-threading.

So to sum it up. We've gotten a firm ground for the game, we got the server-client interface working 100%, the map is loaded onto the server from a mysql-server and collission-detection is working properly independent from the images and tile-types.

So what are we going to do now?
We are now going to start adding to the gameplay of the game and start building the game we always wanted to play. We will be comming out with more info as we compile the information on the gameplay and graphics soon!

By: Linuxxon - Date: 2013-01-29

Holy Fu**ing S#it!

We got a live one.

The server/client relationship is now complete and it's time to start adding functions like hell!

We've started working on a story and upcoming functions that we will add. The part that intrigues me the most is that the general story line will be written by you, the player. Harbert and I (Linuxxon) have been working on the concept and think it will attract a lot of players as we every month will summaries the events in the game and add a page to the online history book of the game.

We hope that by doing this events such as the first men and the first guild or the first assassination of a king. This will eventually become the "bible" that the in-game story will the follow and worship. This way the game will be more interactive for the players and they have much bigger influence on the outcome of almost all socio-political events.

By: Linuxxon - Date: 2012-11-09

We are online!!

Today we had our first multiplayer test!

We have been making a lot of progress the last couple of weeks and just today had our first online test. The test went as we planned and we could successfully play the game from two clients based on different computers with an independent server.

This means that once the small bugs we found today has been fixed we will start working on some gameplay and getting one step closer to the pre-alpha stage.

Also CaptnRoram has announced that he will setup a registration form for early applications in the near future so youre alpha spot will be secure. Remember alpha-keys will be released in batches as we need to test the performance of the server and optimize in order to be able to serve a larger crowd so it is first come, first serve!

By: Linuxxon - Date: 2012-03-12

Yes we do!!

Welcome to Blackslash\a - Productions We are currently working on developing the website and our first multiplayer alpha on the up coming game. You will be able to sign-up for alpha-keys in a couple of weeks but keep in mind that the alpha stage is far, far away (:

By: Blackslash\a Staff - Date: 2012-03-05