Blackslash\a Productions

LGP - Love Giffel Run!

Love Giffel Run was the first project we worked on together. It was inspired by Doc.Harbert's almost semi-daily trip to the supermarket close to our school where he bought swedish "Gifflar" after lunch.

The "evil" character was also inspired by someone in our class that year, his name is Seffo and he is tiny and can be quite annoying. This is how we came to think of the idea that Doc.Harbert would try to collect as many gifflar as possible whilst Seffo tries to corner him and take all of his food.

If you want you could buy this game for a mear $5 but I need warn you that it can be very addictive.

With your purchase the source code can be included for you to play with however as this was our first project the OOP-concept isn't quite proper. Also the most recent code is lost but an older saved one is still avalible